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Founded 1922

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2024 Championship Show 6 April 2024
will be held at Stafford County Showground after National Terrier

Results for Championship Show –Sunday 22nd October 2023
Judge Joanne Vickers (Jodean)
BIS and DCC - CH Jaydavine Story of Love
RBIS and DCC - Toulsyork Taylor Made
BPIS and BPD - Jolliver Dave Ja Vu
RDCC - CH Jokyl Daily Special
RBCC - CH Jokyl Rising Star
BVIS - Singrett Just an Illusion at Settlebeck

Results for 2023 Open Show 1 April
Judge Mr Ian Hardman (Bonosue/Spanwise)

Best dog: Gleave's Knowlelion Circus Master (naf) (taf)
Best bitch: Shields' Shielmarh Fortuna Forseer
Reserve best bitch: Graham's Shadlian Heavens Dream at Thistleaire
Best in show: Shields' Shielmarh Fortuna Forseer
Best opposite sex: Gleave's Knowlion Circus Master (naf) (taf)
Reserve best in show: Gleave's Knowlelion Circus Master (naf) (taf)

The Club very much welcomes new members.
Membership subscriptions are £7 joint, and £5 single per annum.
To apply to join the North of England Airedale Terrier Club click on the following link to download the relevant form.
Membership Form PDF

President: Mrs Cath Miller
Chair: Mr Simon Acton
Hon. Secretary: Mrs Sue Blain
Treasurer: Mr Colin Blain

Hon. Life Vice Presidents:
Mr M Lowther

Hon Life Members :
Mrs J Callon, Ms J Vickers

Committee Members:
Mesdames: Krysia Acton, Joanne Vickers
Messrs: Colin Blain, Paul Brandwood, Alec Mountfield, Joe Pickering


Results for 2022 Champ Show – judge Mrs Renee Moules (Doraemi)

BIS & DCC – Callon & Callon-Wynn Ch. Jax The Gentleman
RBIS, BOS & BCC – Lee Ch. Stargus Sea of Gold
BPIS & BPB – Turners Crillee Carry On Party Baby
RBPIS & BPD – Turners Crillee Carry On The Legend
RDCC – Brown Jokyl Daily Special
RBCC – Toulson Ch. Toulsyork Llinsaire Opal
BVIS – Ablard & Kantijevska Katherina’s Land Vip Lover

Open Show 2 April 2022
Judge - Mr Paul Brandwood (Branddale)

Best Dog - Pickering's Stargus Alidandini at Joliver (naf)
Reserve Best Dog - Gray's Eskwyre Sunny Bay
Best Puppy Dog - Pickering's Stargus Alidandini at Joliver (naf)
Best Bitch - Underwood's Jokyl Rising Star
Reserve Best Bitch - Hampton & Hall's Muliebrity Summer Sun
Best in Show - Underwood's Jokyl Rising Star
Best Opposite Sex - Pickering's Stargus Alidandini at Joliver (naf)
Reserve Best in Show - Hampton & Hall's Muliebrity Summer Sun
Best Puppy in Show - Pickering's Stargus Alidandini at Joli

2021 Champ Show - judge Mrs Helen Toulson (Toulsyork)

BIS & BCC - Gregg's Ir CH Bambusa Follow The Dream
RBIS, BOS & DCC - Gregg's Ir CH Bambusa So Noble
RDCC - Turner's CH Crillee Maximus The Cool
RBCC - Swash's CH Jokyl Star Burst
BPIS & BPB - Shields' Shielmarh Fortune Forseer
BVIS - Steinke's Temtiz Africa Flame Lily

2020 Champ Show - judge Mrs Wendy Gray (Grayaire)

BIS & DCC - Gregg's Ir CH Bambusa So Noble
RBIS & BCC - Swash's CH Jokyl Star Burst
BPIS & BPB - Shields' Shielmarh Fortune Forseer
RDCC Callon & Callon-Winn's Russtam Jax The Gentleman
RBCC - Turner's Crillee Carry On My Baby

Championship Show 20th October 2019
Judge Mr Nick Connell (Sonorra)

Picture of Principle winners

Dog CC - Lee's Stargus Santa Rocks
Dog Res CC - Toulson's Toulsyork Quantum Quinn
Best Puppy Dog - Toulson's Toulsyork Quantum Quinn

Bitch CC - Callon's Russtam Cherry Bee
Bitch Res CC - Muliebrity Sunkissed
Best Puppy Bitch - Watts' Caundle Photogenic (TAF)

Best in Show - Callon's Russtam Cherry Bee
Res Best in Show - Lee's Stargus santa Rocks
Best Opposite Sex - Lee's Stargus Santa Rocks
Best Puppy in Show - Toulson's Toulsyork Quantum Quinn

Open Show 6th April 2019
Judge Mrs Angela Johnston

BIS & BB Swash's Jokyl Red Letter Day
RBIS & BD Turner's Crillee Maximus The Cool
BPIS & BPB Steinke's Toulsyork Perfectionist at Temtiz
RBB Edwards' Vivavick Whoopee at Smockalley
BOS & RBD Miller's Lakeaire Carnival in Rio

Championship Show - 21st October 2018
Judge Ms Lisa Callon-Winn

BIS & DCC Swash's Ch Jokyl Wishlist
RBIS, BOS & BCC: Grays' Grayaire Cointreau
DRCC : Touson's Toulsyork Noted Nat
BPD: Griffiths' Singrett's Playing With Fire
BRCC: Moules' Doraemi One Vision SCHM
BPB & BPIS: Hampton & Hall Muliebrity Sun Kissed

Open Show 7th April 2018
Judge Ms Carmel Clark-O'Neill

BIS & BB Edington-Hall's Kissed by an Angel JW SHCH
RBIS & BD: Vickers' Eskwyre Sunny Bay
RBD Lee's Stargus Santa Rocks
RBB & BPB Toulson' Toulsyork Only Olga
BP & BPD: Vickers' Eskwyre Sunny bay

Championship Show 22nd Oct 2017
Judge: Mr C Powell

BIS & BCC - Fernandez & Purnell's Ch Jokyl Gold Star JW
RBIS & DCC- Toulsons' Ch Toulsyork Levity Lester
RDCC - Callon & Callon Winn's Ch Sonorra Chrsitmas Cracker From Russtam
RBCC - Iwahashi, Mr T & Kanaya Ms T Int & UK Ch Rockridge Jp I Can't Stop Lovin You
BP- Lee's Stargus Allegro
BV - Jackson & Swash's Ch Jokyl Star Flash

Open Show- 1st March 2017
Judge: Paul Harding
BIS & BD - Toulsons' Toulsyork Levity Lester
RBIS & BB - Edington-Hall's Wendaire Kissed By An Angel
BPIS & BPB - Jackson & Swash's Jokyl Red Letter Day
RBD - Brennans' Buddonwood Black Jack
RBB - Turners' Jokyl Star Struck
BPD - Moules' Doraemi Buffalo Soldier

Championship Show   23rd October 2016
Judge Mr Gordon Miller

BIS - Callon & Callon-Winn`s Sonorra Christmas Cracker from Russtam
RBIS - Averis`s Saredon Moon River
BPIS - Toulson`s Toulsyork Levity Lester

Open Show   14th Jan 2016
Judge Mr Rowland Turner (Crilliee)

BIS - Ch Oaksteaire The Maestro at Grayaire
RBIS - Keay`s Jaymitch Jaunty Panachon
BPIS - Katherina`s Land VIP Lover

Championship Show   25th October 2015
Judge Mr Andrew Westwood (Nethertonion)

B.I.S. Callon & Callon-Winn`s Sonorra Christmas Cracker from Russtam
R.B.I.S. Vickers Saredon Barley Wine at Eskwyre
B.P.I.S. Fernandex & Purnell`s Jokyl Gold Star

All enquiries regarding the Club & Puppy Register to:

Honorary Secretary:   Mrs. Sue Blain
62 Winchester Road
Manchester M41 0UL

Tel: 0161 7479441

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